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Paws at Home LLC

Services and Rates

Our Services and RatesPaws at Home LLC offers a variety of pet care services to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Take that vacation you've been putting off or simply go to work each day knowing that your pets are receiving the expert loving care they deserve.

What's included in each visit?

Pet Care:

  • Lots of individual tender loving care for each pet
  • Engaging your pets in activities and exercises
  • Fresh food and water
  • Brushing, combing, exercising, and playing with your pets
  • Arranging for medical treatment in case of illness
  • Meticulous litter box maintenance
  • Clean-up of any indoor pet messes

Home Care:

  • Bringing in all mail and newspapers
  • Taking the trash in/out
  • Adjusting lighting and indoor window treatments
  • Watering indoor plants (within reason)

Additional Services:

  • Pet taxi to and from the veterinarian or pet salon
  • Pick-up of pet food, treats, medication, and pet orders with delivery to your home

Our Individual Services & Rates:

Initial Consultation Free
Dogs 1-3 Visits
Recommended per Day
Cats 1 Visit
Recommended per Day
Hourly $30
1 Regular Visit $17
2 Regular Visits per Day $34
3 Regular Visits per Day $51
4 Regular Visits per Day $68
Weekly: 1 Visit per Day/5+ Days $16 per day
Weekly: 2 Visits per Day/5+ Days $32 per day
Weekly: 3 Visits per Day/5+ Days $48 per day
Weekly: 4 Visits per Day/5+ Days $68 per day
Each Additional Dog $3
Each Additional Cat $1
Each Additional Cage (Small Pet) No Charge
Home Drop-in (no pet care)* $10
Holidays (additional per visit)*** $5
Administering Pet Medications Price TBD at Initial Consultation
Pet Taxi (per 30 minutes) $25
Referral +$5
0 Miles Travel** Free
1 Mile Travel** Free
2 Miles Travel** Free
3 Miles Travel** Free
4 Miles Travel** Free
5 Miles Travel** Free
6 Miles Travel** Free
7 Miles Travel** Free
8 Miles Travel** Free
9 Miles Travel** Free
10 Miles Travel** Free
11 Miles Travel** [call for availability]
12 Miles Travel** [call for availability]
13 Miles Travel** [call for availability]
14 Miles Travel** [call for availability]
15 Miles Travel** [call for availability]
15+ Miles Travel** [call for availability]
Key Pick-up: Weekday Free
Key Pick-up: Weekend Free
Key Return: Weekday Free
Key Return: Weekend Free

Cancellations/Service Charges
Cancellation (0-72 hrs): Regular Visits 100% Service Charge
Cancellation (72+ hrs): Regular Visits No Charge
Cancellation (0-2 Weeks): Holiday Visits*** 100% Service Charge
Cancellation (2+ Weeks): Holiday Visits*** No Charge
Late Payment $15/every 30 days
Returned Check Charge $25
Less than 24 hrs notice of request for service $5 surcharge
* Home Drop-in entails NO Pet Care. We take in the mail, newspapers, any deliveries, rotate lights and blinds, take out/in trash
** Mileage: We utilize Google Maps to research the best route and the exact mileage from our location to your home.
*** Observed Holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

*** Holiday rates also includes the Saturday & Sunday that correlate/are adjacent to any of these Holidays (i.e. the Saturday and Sunday prior to Labor Day, in addition to Labor Day itself)

Please note that rates are subject to change at any time.